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User friendly student management.

Now you will have a one click management tool to manage Edit/create all school entities like students, staff, subjects and exams with all sessions.

Daily attendence of the students.

Update daily attendence of students of your school in a very easy and quick manner. Now daily attendence will be available to Parents , Pricnipal instantly.

Manage everything in lesser time.

Yorakul is a very efficeient system which will save a lot of time of school staff. It will create report cards and analytical reports of staffs in a click.

Send instant SMS to the parents.

Yorakul is equipped with a high priority translational SMS system ( for India only ) and email reporting which will send instant reports to parents and staff.

Manage staff & there performance.

Review and analyze the performance of the staff with Yorakul Analytical Staff Reports and strengthen the pillars of your organization.

Keep record of every test online.

Now class tests will be more effective. Yorakul will Send Marks of the test, class rank, subject ranks to parents instantly and will also keep record online.